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Outdoor Paint

Expand Your Season with low temperature formulas How Far Can You Stretch It? Fall is a great time to tackle those outdoor painting projects. The weather is cooler, humidity is lower, and the fluctuation in temperatures from day to night are more tolerable. But when is it too cold? [...]

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Choose The Best Area Rug

Area rugs can add much more to the design of a room than anticipated. Imagine the room in the picture above without the rug. Or, with a different rug. The design would take on a completely different personality. That's the beauty of area rugs. With a wide selection of designs to choose from you [...]

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Lighting Up Your Exterior Are you following us on Facebook? If you are you will have seen the finished product of my front landscaping and outdoor lighting. We rolled our sleeves up at The Cob Collection and really dug into this one. Of course we wanted something that was aesthetically pleasing, without looking [...]

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Minimize Sun Damage Indoors

I love this room. The dark teal sofa, navy wall, dark wood floors, neutral chair...and the artwork. The colors here are beautiful and I can't imagine anyone tiring of them. The downfall of this room will be the damage caused by the sun. Notice the path that the sunlight is taking from a source [...]

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Spice Up Your Color!

Pantone named Autumn Maple as one of its top choices of color for fall but this color and other warm, earthy inspired tones look fresh year round. They are often associated with a Tuscan feel but when used in different, unexpected ways they can put a modern twist on traditional or transitional. They can [...]

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Making Hay While The Sun Shines

If you've been following along on our blog then you'll be up to date with the remodeling going on at my house. You may also be wondering what's going on because I haven't posted much progress lately. Truth be told, we've been so busy at The Cob Collection that I haven't had enough time [...]

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Choosing The Perfect Sofa

Buying a good quality sofa should ensure that it lasts for years, be comfortable, function as you want it to, and retain a sense of style throughout its life. There are some extraordinary choices available and finding the perfect fit for you and your family can be overwhelming. We're passing along some tips here [...]

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Decorating with Mirrors

Reflective Art Mirrors don't just look pretty, they are hardworking pieces in interior design. They bring depth to a room, make a space look bigger, brighten, add dimension, and when placed correctly can emphasize views of art or adjacent walls. In some instances, the mirrors themselves become center stage and take on the role [...]

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Tips for Choosing the Best Bedding

According to statistics, the average nights sleep is 8 hours. That's 1/3 of your day! If you live to be 75, that's 25 years! 25 years?! You'll want some decent bedding! Comforters, duvets, coverlets, and bed sheets all fall under the bedding category. Like many other things in interior decorating the choices are overwhelming. [...]

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Salute to Navy

Trending now Navy was one of the hot colors at market this year seen in everything from furniture, to fabrics, to wallpaper. The truth is, navy really never left the design scene. It's timeless and has chameleon like qualities that can serve as an anchor in a room or steal the show. Often [...]

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