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We like to give clients a few options to choose from and then work with them to settle on the best solution. With every successful design project there is a strategy and a plan. The process can be overwhelming and confusing, but with help from qualified professionals there is a way to think through the process and put together optimum solutions. Sometimes clients “overthink” options and get paralyzed; but, this can be overcome with having a good plan and professional by your side to help you through key decisions.

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It All Starts Here

Our design process begins by getting to know you and your needs. Whether it’s a color consultation or full design services we have you covered. We collaborate and explore the opportunities your space provides as well as any restrictions. The flow, natural lighting, current furnishings and accessories are all considered. We will take photographs, document measurements, discuss a budget, timeline, and the scope of project management you will need.

Design Phase

Taking in every thing we gathered and learned in our initial meeting we begin the design phase. This is where our raw creativity kicks in and true design, outside the software, is born. We source our wide selection of vendors to bring you the best in furniture, accessories, and fabrics to create a space that is truly unique and reflective of you and your lifestyle.

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Project Phase

The designs have been finalized and the project is ready to get underway. We’ll take care of everything including ordering fabric, furniture, flooring and accessories. If you’ve contracted us for project management services we’ll coordinate the subcontractors and work with them to assure the design is carried out as planned and on schedule. We’re with you to the end!

Online consultations

Contact us for more information regarding online consultations.

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